• Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

    1. Am I required to apply on-line in order to be considered for a position?

      Yes, all applicants must apply on-line to be considered for a position. If you do not have access to the internet, feel free to call 877-921-2345 and we can arrange a time for you to come in and use an on-site computer to complete the application process. 
    2. I created a profile on-line for the application process, but did not apply to a specific position, is this why I have not heard back from a recruiter?  

      Correct, if you do not choose at least one specific open job requisition, a recruiter will not be aware of your application; therefore, you will not hear back. 
    3. Can I apply to more than one job posting?

      You can apply to more than one job posting within Centura. Please only apply to those positions you are qualified for (please review each job description and corresponding requirements). When speaking with a representative from Centura, please be open about your application and interviewing process for each position you have applied to. We want the position you are best suited for!
    4. I applied on-line for a specific job, when can I expect to hear back from a recruiter?

      If you have applied to a position you are qualified for, a recruiter/or hiring manager will review your resume/experience and will be in touch within 48 hours of receipt of your application. If you do not qualify for the position, you can expect to receive an e-mail from our recruiters. In some cases, the number of applicants for a given position can be so high that we can't reach out to every applicant and response times may vary. If you are wondering on the status of your email, you can login to the on-line employment system  and check the status of your application by clicking on "Sign In", then "View My Account". Once in your account, click on "View Application Status".

    5. Is a current resume mandatory to complete the on-line application process?

      A resume must be provided in order to be considered for employment with Centura. If you do not have a current resume that you can attach, feel free to use the "Resume Builder" to create one.
    6. What is a job agent? 

      A job agent allows you to be emailed when a position that meets your specific criteria becomes available.
    7. What if I can't remember all of my previous addresses?

      Include as much information on-line as possible. Someone will be in touch with you further if additional is needed regarding your background check.
    8. What if I can't produce any references?

      References are required before you are selected for a position with Centura.   If you cannot provide the names and contact information for two references who can be contacted about your work experience and/or character, enter as much information as you have now on-line.   You can access your application at another time to complete this information.
    9. I don't feel comfortable revealing my social security number and date of birth in the on-line application process, is it mandatory?

      The Centura Health job search site is a secured site and all candidates must be able to supply their social security number and date of birth which is ONLY used if an offer of employment is made and a background check is requested.
    10. What is Centura Health's benefit package?

      Please refer to the benefits page for more information.
    11. Since Centura Health is a faith-based organization, do candidates need to be Catholic or Adventist to be considered for employment?

      All candidates must be comfortable with Centura Health's Mission. Denomination and/or religious preference are not factored into the hiring process. 
    12. With no previous healthcare experience, is it possible to be hired for Centura Health?

      Yes, not all positions within Centura require a healthcare background. Healthcare experience can definitely benefit you if many candidates are being considered for a given position, so please list all relevant experience.
    13. Does Centura offer sign-on bonuses? Relocation packages?

      Please speak with a representative from your chosen facility for more details.
    14. Does Centura offer continuing education or training programs? 

      Yes, in some positions. Please refer to the Training page. 
    15. I am still in school, when should I start applying for jobs to secure a position upon graduating?

      You must meet the job requirements of each specific position you are applying to in order to be considered for employment.
    16. Why does Centura need my Social Security Number and Date of Birth when I apply?

      SSN and Date of Birth are required to completed a background check on candidates that are offered a conditional offer of employment. If you are not made an offer of employment, the information will not be used. The date of birth is not visible to hiring managers.

    17. I had an account on the career page and now when I try to login to that account, it says it doesn't exist, what happened? 

      You may have created an account on the internal candidate portal (available to Centura Associates). This account isn't valid on the external portal and vice versa. The portals are separate and logins must be created to utilize each one

    18.    Why am I asked my race/ethnic background?

    Candidates are asked this information so that Centura can gather information to ensure that we are appropriate recruiting all ethnic groups. This information IS NOT shared with hiring managers or anyone involved in the hiring decision. If you choose not to share the information, simply click on "Choose not to disclose."

    See FAQ's specific to nursing new graduates.

    Good luck in your search for satisfying employment, and thank you again for your interest in Centura Health.

     An equal opportunity employer.

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