• Joint Institutional Review Board (JIRB)

  • Welcome to the Joint Institutional Review Board (JIRB)

    Centura Health is transitioning all Institutional Review Board (IRB) operations to the Catholic Health Initiatives Institutional Review Board (CHIRB). 

    Please review the instructions for submisison on the CHIRB website.  CHIRB utilizes IRBNet where research is submitted electronically to the IRB.  Researchers and their key study personnel must register and activate their accounts prior to accessing forms for submission.  

    CHIRB offers virtual office hours on Mondays at 10:00 am and Wednesdays at 2:00 pm.  Researchers can obtain guidance and have their research questions answered during office hours.  Please contact them for questions or if you are interested in joining the office hours at 1-844-626-2299 or by email at CHIRB@CatholicHealth.Net.  

    The Centura Health Research Center remains open and staff is available to answer questions and provide guidance to Centura Health researchers.  All industry sponsored trials must be reviewed by the research center.  Please contact the research center at 303-765-3703 for more information.  

    If non-Centura support staff will conduct study related tasks within Centura Health facilities they must register on the Contractors website to apply for the appropriate access (www.centura.org/contractors).

    The Research Operations department at Centura Health will continue to provide internal oversight of all research that involves procedures, tests or other services provided at a Centura Health site (e.g. hospital, outpatient department, physician clinic, etc.).  Researchers must complete the Research Routing Form for Centura Health as well as the Financial Disclsoure Form included in the IRBNet forms library.  Conflicts of interest will be monitored by the Research Operations department.   

    It is recommended that the Research Routing Form and Financial Disclosure Form be completed early on in your submission process so that any agreements, contracts and resolution of conflicts of interests, if present, are addressed in a timely manner.   You may be asked to provide a copy of your protocol and informed consent for review by Suzanne Coleman, PhD, DHSc, FACHE, RN, CRCP, Director of Research Operations. Please contact Suzanne Coleman at 1-303-673-7301 or SuzanneColeman@Centura.org.

    You may also contact the JIRB Office at 303-778-2554 or by email at PAH-JointIRB@Centura.Org if you have any questions, or if you would like additional information. 

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