• Frequently Asked Questions for New Nursing Graduates

  • Thank-you for your interest in Porter Adventist Hospital and congratulations on completing your nursing degree! As a recent new grad or returning RN seeking that ideal opportunity we understand the desire to start working quickly and apply your academic and clinical skills in a setting that offers continued growth and positive experiences.

    With 12 hospital locations spanning Colorado, along with Senior Living and Home Health Divisions, Centura Health hires a limited number of new grad RNs as opportunities arise. As a system, we strive to create entry level nursing opportunities within various units whenever appropriate.

     What makes the new grad experience at Centura unique?

    We want every person to be successful. As with any new job, training is required to help each new employee feel comfortable, confident and able to handle whatever challenge the day brings. Centura Health requires the presence of a preceptor on units with new nurses, as well as a diverse mix of staff experience to provide resources for new grads and ensure optimal performance of the unit.


    When are the New Grad Residency Programs offered and what are the application deadlines?

    RN Residency Programs are typically offered 2-3 times a year depending on the facility. Check centuracareers.org often for more information on upcoming program dates and deadlines. The recruiter representing your facility of choice will also offer you current information on program start dates and application deadlines.


    As a recent RN graduate, what positions may I apply for?

    New grad RNs are welcome to apply on-line at centuracareers.org to any full-time position requiring less than one year of experience. Careful evaluation of the actual job posting details let's applicants understand the experience level and skills required to perform the job duties. As an equal opportunity employer, we must consider all applicants who have applied for the position.


    What if I don't receive a response?

    Am I still eligible for other positions even if I am not chosen for a specific opening? We're not always able to take a new grad to each opening; however please know we carefully review all resumes and ensure each applicant receives equal consideration. Should you receive a response letter indicating you were not selected, please, do not be discouraged! You are always welcome to apply for more than one position as other opportunities arise.


    What happens should I receive an offer of employment Centura Health?

    If selected for a position, Centura Health's Human Resources Department will contact you with a contingent offer based on successful completion of background check, pre-employment drug screen and physical. It generally takes about a week to complete the background process (depending on whether or not you you live outside of Colorado or are a local resident).

    Please check our website, centuracareers.org often for updates as you continue to speak personally with the recruiters at the Centura Health location(s) where you prefer employment. While Centura Health accepts a limited number of recent graduates each year, we're continually working expand new grad RN programs that will afford as many new nurses as possible an environment of continued opportunity and success for the future.


    Good luck in your search for satisfying employment, and thank you again for your interest in Centura Health.


    An equal opportunity employer.

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