• Getting Started with JIRB

  • Welcome to the PAH JIRB website.  Please take a few minutes to watch our feature video regarding the submission process.

    Please review the JIRB Forms and Templates webpage for required steps that must be complete before submitting your project to the Joint Institutional Review Board.

    Important Notes

    • For any project that involves procedures, tests or other services provided at a Centura Health site (e.g. hospital, outpatient department, physician clinic, etc.), a facility review must be completed.  The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will make an initial decision as to whether the research can proceed in the review process.

    • If research is non-funded, will not use any hospital resources, and does not involve a Centura Health employed physician or from a Centura Health practice, the research will follow an alternate route of facility review.  The CMO and Facility Compliance Officer will require review only. 

    • Please allow enough time for the dual review (Facility/IRB).  The Facility Review Research Sign-off sheet with each of the reviewer signatures should be part of your submission to the IRB.

    • The Research Impact Statement and Invoice must be fully executed and the IRB Review fee must be received in the IRB office prior to IRB review of a study.  It is highly recommended that these documents be addressed early on in your submission process so that review of your study is not delayed.  You will find a Research Impact Statement contact list with the Research Impact Statement on the PAH JIRB Forms webpage.  Please be sure to provide a copy of your protocol and informed consent for review by the Director(s) expected to sign the Research Impact Statement.  The invoice contains mailing instructions for the IRB review fee to ensure that it reaches our office in a timely manner.  COMING SOON - This summer the IRB will begin accepting electronic payments for the IRB review fee on our website!  More information on this process will be released soon.

    • Please submit your complete study submission to PAHJointIRB@Centura.org

    • The IRB office staff makes every effort to draft the IRB response within 5-business days of the convened IRB meeting.  If 5-business days elapse and you have not received a response, please contact the IRB office at 303-778-2554.  Please note that stamped documents will be attached to the response letter.

  • Please contact the JIRB Office at 303-778-2554 or by email at PAH-JointIRB@Centura.Org if you have any questions, or if you would like additional information. 

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