• Preparing for a Hospital Procedure

  • We'd like to assist you in feeling welcome, comfortable and settled in an easy, stress-free way.
    Planning ahead can help reduce anxiety Preparing for a Hospital Procedure in Denver, Colorado and ensure that you are ready for your procedure.

  • Undergoing medical tests or treatment can be stressful and disruptive to your life, particularly if you are having a major procedure. There are some ways you can prepare in advance that may help you rest easier and worry less. If you will be staying in the hospital, or if your treatment has a longer recovery period, you may want to think about:

    • Special arrangements for children, pets & plants.
    • Suspending your newspaper service, milk and/or mail delivery.
    • Stocking up on necessities to eliminate a trip to the grocery store.
    • Making sure your car's gas tank is at least half-full.
    • Getting prescriptions filled.
    • Creating a "phone tree" so one person can conveniently update family and friends about your condition.
    • Organizing your household bills and pay some early, if you can.
    • Talking about your desires regarding treatment and care with your family.
    • Completing a set of Advance Directives .
    • Joint Replacement patients - watch videos for before, during and after your hip or knee surgery.

    Preparations for procedures vary so please consult your pre-admission instructions. Be particularly attentive about whether you are supposed to take medications. Even over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin, may affect your ability to undergo a test or a procedure.

    What to pack

    We advise that you only bring essential items to the hospital. Please leave all valuables, including jewelry and most cash at home. You may wish to bring:

    • Personal hygiene items that you prefer.
    • Robe and a pair of non-slip slippers.
    • Small items that bring you comfort such as a photo, book or magazine.
    • The phone numbers for your family and friends.
    • Your glasses and/or contact lenses and appropriate solutions.
    • Dentures, case and cleaning solution.

    Your health insurance card(s). If you are covered by more than one insurance policy, please bring a card for each policy.

    Picture identification, such as a driver's license or state ID card.

    A credit card or a check for any co-payment that is required by your insurance .

    A list of your medications, dosage amounts, and the frequency with which you take them. For your convenience, use our medication record .

    A copy of your Advance Directives . Advance Directives may include a Living Will , Five Wishes , Donor Directions for Anatomical Gift , and a Medical Durable Power of Attorney .

    Prior test results, X-rays or medical records if your physician has requested them.

    Worker's compensation information including billing address and claim number.

    When you arrive for your Denver hospital procedure, you are welcome to use our complimentary valet service (open Monday - Friday 6:00 am - 7:00 pm) or park in the free parking garage. See the campus map to locate the main entrance, the parking deck and valet parking. Please come in the main entrance, where you will be greeted by a Porter volunteer who will also get you a wheelchair if you need one. The volunteer will take you, or direct you, to the Admissions desk where a representative will sign you in and assist you.
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