• Genetic Counseling

  • Genetic Counseling

    Genetic counseling services promote informed decisions about health, cancer screening, and genetic conditions. Our certified genetic counselor provides genetic counseling services for cancer risk assessment & other hereditary cancer conditions.

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  • Cancer Cells, Genetic Counseling, Porter Hospital

    Cancer Risk & Hereditary Cancer

    According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 5 to 10 percent of cancer diagnoses are due to an inherited form of cancer.

  • Genetic Advances, Porter Adventist Hospital

    Genetic Advances

    Expanded knowledge of genetics has led to better insurance coverage and additional testing options allowing patients to make informed choices about their health.

  • Genetic Counseling Questionnaire, Porter Adventist Hospital

    Genetic Counseling Questionnaire

    Completing this questionnaire allows your genetic counselor to provide a more accurate risk assessment.

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