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  • Once you have scheduled your appointment with the Genetic Counseling Clinic, you will need to complete our online family history questionnaire prior to your appointment.

    Completing this questionnaire allows your genetic counselor to be better prepared for your appointment and to provide you with a more accurate risk assessment.

    Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • You may learn your risk for a disease is less than you expected.
    • Your doctor may want to check you for certain medical complications earlier and more often.
    • You may want to consider ways to reduce the chance of developing a certain disease.
    • You could share information with your children and relatives so they can prevent a disease or arrange screening tests.
    Some inherited gene changes cause several medical complications. Genetic counseling and testing may determine if you are at risk for another type of medical complication or another type of tumor in the future. You can then consider ways to prevent other conditions. Many people with specific conditions seek genetic counseling and testing to help their relatives. The risk of specific conditions for your relatives is based on the results of your genetic evaluation.

    Genetic counseling is the first step toward genetic testing. Information gathered during genetic counseling helps determine if genetic testing would be helpful in your situation.

    A genetic counseling session includes:

    • Recording a detailed family history
    • Using family history information to:
      • Estimate your risk to develop specific conditions
      • Estimate the risk of an inherited specific condition in your family
    • Discussing ways to screen for and prevent specific conditions based on your risks
    • Deciding if genetic testing is right for you, given your particular risks and concerns
      • You are always able to take time to consider whether or not testing is right for you.
      • It is always okay to decide that you are not interested in testing.
      • If you decide not to have testing but change your mind in the future, testing may still be an available option for you.
    • The counselor will arrange for genetic testing, if you are eligible and you would like to proceed, after your counseling session.
      • Genetic testing typically requires a blood draw.  Some laboratories will accept cells from inside of your cheek.
      • Sometimes the sample can be collected after your initial appointment.  Other times, you may need to return to the clinic to have your sample collected.

    Porter Adventist Hospital attempts to bill insurance for the cost of genetic counseling appointments and verify insurance coverage prior to a scheduled appointment. Individuals whose insurance pays for genetic counseling will be responsible for any applicable co-pay. If you schedule a genetic counseling appointment, you should receive a call from the hospital prior to your appointment to explain what your cost would be. (If you would like to see if genetic counseling would be a covered benefit for you, contact your insurance company and ask if they would cover the CPT code 96040.)

    Because Medicare and some insurance companies are not yet paying for genetic counseling, both Porter Adventist Hospital gives patients who pay out-of-pocket for these services a discount. Depending on the length of the appointment, individuals who self-pay will be charged approximately $40 or $80. Porter Adventist Hospital Foundation may be able to pay for these appointments if you do not have insurance.

    Most insurance companies will cover the cost of a genetic test if it will improve a person’s medical care and you have a reasonable chance of having a specific condition.

    Your test results, family history information, and evaluation notes will only be released to someone if you sign a form stating that our office can release your information to that individual or office.

    Federal and state laws help protect people who undergo genetic testing against health insurance discrimination and employment discrimination. The Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) is a federal law passed in 2008.

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