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  • At the Genetic Counseling Clinic at Porter Adventist Hospital patients meet with Josie Kagey, a trained genetic counselor. She conducts a personal cancer and/or genetic risk assessment for each patient and coordinates genetic testing, as needed. The information gained from genetic counseling and/or genetic testing can help individuals and their families make medical decisions about how to manage their risk for cancer and/or other genetic diseases.

    At your appointment, you will discuss your cancer and/or genetic risks, as well as, your risk of having a genetic condition in your family. If genetic testing is warranted and you would like to proceed with testing, we will work with the lab and your insurance company to see if testing will be a covered benefit. If testing will be covered, you will proceed with either a blood draw or saliva collection and will be asked to return to the clinic when your results are available.

    If you receive genetic counseling you are under no obligation to pursue genetic testing and may take as much time as you need to decide whether genetic testing is right for you.

    Note: If your family and personal history meet certain criteria specified by your insurance company, you may proceed with a blood draw immediately after your initial consult.

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