• Testimonials

  • “You all were wonderful, he was peaceful, and I am so grateful!” ~Grateful family member, 8/7/14

    “I will never forget our time at Porter Hospice Residence because of each of you. Each person, each hug, each smile, each kindness makes a difference for every patient and every family member. You many have no idea how you each touched my mother's life and my life. I will treasure my memories of this time for the rest of my life. Please know how important each of you are...EVERY SINGLE DAY. You have a very difficult job and you each do it with grace, kindness, compassion and love. Without each of you, Porter Hospice Residence would be a place. With all of you, it becomes a home filled with family and love. I have to report that we did find the place where people can go to leave this world. It is Porter Hospice Residence. All my love, gratitude and hugs.” ~Daughter of resident, 7/21/14

    “I appreciate all that home hospice did for my husband and I am so grateful that he was in such a safe place when he passed. You are all so very kind.” ~Grateful family member, 6/20/14

    “Thank you all for taking such good care of my dad – you were just wonderful!” ~Grateful Family, 1/08/15

    They all took such good care of my husband, and I know it firsthand as I pretty much stayed there the whole time and was really impressed by all the staff.” ~Grateful Family, 1/07/15

    “Please let the staff at your hospice know how very much we appreciated all the care they gave my son” ~Grateful Family, 12/15/14

    Your staff did a remarkably good job in what I’m sure is not the easiest of times.” ~Grateful Family, 12/06/14

    I so want to thank you all for all that hospice did for my dad.” ~Grateful Family, 12/06/14

    Hospice was super! We’re very pleased with the care that you gave my mom.” ~Grateful Family, 12/06/14

    I can’t say enough good things about Porter Hospice. They are the kindest people I’ve ever met!” ~Grateful Family, 12/06/14

    “The people at hospice were angles on earth! My mom got the best care for her time left, and we are so grateful!” ~Grateful Family, 11/26/14

    “Everybody at hospice was awesome!” ~Grateful Family, 11/26/14

    The care my brother got there was just wonderful-we were so impressed!” ~Grateful Family, 11/24/14

    My sister and I have shared with a lot of people that the staff at Porter Hospice are people who really truly care.” ~Grateful Family, 11/13/14

    “Your hospice is such a compassionate place that I felt a true holiness and peace when my aunt was there.” ~Grateful Family, 11/10/14

    “My Dad got such good care at your hospice!” ~Grateful Family, 11/10/14

    “We were so happy with the care Mom got at Porter Hospice – the staff there is just great!” ~Grateful Family, 11/10/14

    “You guys did a great job!” ~Grateful Family, 11/03/14

    “Everybody has talked about how great Porter Hospice was, and you all went above and beyond!” ~ Grateful Family, 11/03/14

    “Porter Hospice was just wonderful. You made the worst thing better.” ~11/03/14

    Hospice was a Godsend when we really needed you.” ~11/03/14

    I can’t tell you deeply touched I was by the care of your staff. Dr. Mushinsky and the nurses were wonderful. I had really wanted to bring him home for hospice care, but I realized I couldn’t do that. It so put my heart at rest when I saw how beautifully compassionate, caring and loving the staff was. I will be telling everyone I know about how amazing Porter Hospice’s residence is.” ~Grateful Family, 10/6/14

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