• Hip Labral Reconstruction

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    Woman stretching on pier at sunrise Dr. Brian White performs a unique approach to hip arthroscopy at Porter Adventist Hospital. Using a surgical technique he has refined in a practice that performs 425 hip arthroscopies per year, Dr. White creates a new labrum for patients. His technique has evolved based on evaluations of patient data from more than 3,000 hip arthroscopies he has performed since 2009.

    Often times, the problem in repairing the labrum is you don’t take out the nerve supply, so the pain can return. Additionally, if tissue in a torn labrum is too unhealthy, it may not completely heal. Patients might do well for a while, but old problems and pain have the potential to return.

    Made from donor tissue from the patient’s IT band, newly constructed labrums have an advantage. Since they will not grow new nerves, patients get to experience the biomechanical benefits of a native labrum, but it will never be innervated by the body it should never feel pain. Hip arthroscopy is recommended for patients with:

    • A torn labrum. The labrum is an extension of the cartilage that, when torn, causes pain in the groin outside of the hip and occasionally the buttocks. Symptoms worsen with sitting, rotational movement and increased use.
    • Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). This is a condition in which the hip’s ball and cup do not fit well together. With use, the two impinge the labrum and it gets torn in the process.
    • Acetabular dysplasia. This is a condition in which a shallow hip socket increases likelihood of a labral tear.

    To learn more about hip arthroscopy and labral reconstruction, please visit www.western-ortho.com and select Brian J. White, MD, in the drop-down menu.

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