• Pain, discomfort and instability can occur anywhere around the knee and can significantly impair your mobility and lifestyle. No matter if your knee pain is caused by tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, cysts, osteoarthritis, infection, a ligament injury or another knee condition, Porter Adventist Hospital offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments that can relieve your knee pain in Denver, CO and help you regain your active lifestyle.

    Non-Surgical Knee Treatments

    Depending on the severity of a knee condition, physical therapy and at-home care can be effective treatment options. Before recommending surgery, our orthopedic experts work with patients to explore various treatment options and determine the best treatment plan.

    Generally, if knee pain symptoms like swelling, buckling, clicking or locking of the knee joint continue after trying non-surgical knee pain treatments, joint replacement surgery may be the next step to relieving your knee pain and getting you back to doing the activities you love.

    Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

    Partial knee replacement surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where damaged cartilage is replaced with a prosthetic implant, while keeping healthy joint tissue in place. If arthritis or joint damage is confined to a limited area, a partial knee replacement may be a suitable treatment option.

    Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    When joint damage is extensive or widespread, a total knee replacement can restore a patient's joint function and minimize or eliminate ongoing knee pain. Using prosthetic materials, total knee replacement surgery resurfaces the joint so it can move and function like a healthy knee.

    Find out if knee pain treatments like partial or total knee replacement in Denver might be the best option for your condition by calling 720-524-1367 or using the button above to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

    Patients rely on Porter Adventist Hospital for non-surgical and surgical treatment options for knee pain in Denver, CO.

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