• Operation Walk

  • Operation Walk Denver is a volunteer organization that provides joint replacements to people in developing countries and here at home. Operation Walk doctors, physical therapists, nurses, anesthesiologists and surgery support teams perform dozens of joint replacements on each mission. While there, they also provide education and training to medical staff in these often remote villages, enabling them to treat patients on their own. To make this work possible, however, Operation Walk depends on a community of supporters.

    Dr. Douglas Dennis of Colorado Joint Replacement, is the medical director of Operation Walk Colorado. Dr. Dennis personally leads these volunteer missions to countries such as Nicaragua and Peru. Accompanied by several Porter Center for Joint Replacement staff, the teams do so much more than joint replacement surgery-they often change these patients' entire lives when no one else could help them.

    Give the Gift of Joint Replacement

    By supporting the Operation Walk doctors and their teams through a donation or your time, you can help make joint replacement possible for people who could never afford it otherwise. For many of these people, it's more than living without pain-it's usually life changing.

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