• If you’re an athlete of any age, you know that it can be all too easy to sustain an injury, whether it’s a sprain, tear or break. With the sports medicine team at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, CO, our professionals can help you prevent sports injuries or treat them if they do happen.

    Orthopedic injuries are often caused by joint overuse during athletic activities, or by a sudden movement or added stress on a joint. While many injuries caused by sport activities can be common, not all of them are able to recover through RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) treatment alone. Ongoing sports injuries that are left untreated can often lead to a longer recovery and sometimes permanent damage.

    Sports Medicine Services at Porter Adventist Hospital

    Porter Adventist Hospital offers a variety of sports medicine services in Denver, from sports physical therapy to care and surgical treatment for the hip, knee and other injuries.

    At Porter Adventist Hospital, we offer both surgical and non-surgical options depending on the severity and damage of your injury. Non-surgical treatments include injections, medication, and physical therapy. Surgical treatments for your sports injury may include hip arthroscopy or hip and knee replacement. It is important that each injury be evaluated to customize your treatment plan.  

    Learn more about how our Denver sports medicine program can help you stay in the game by calling 720-524-1367 or using the button above to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

      Porter Adventist Hospital provides care and treatment for sports injuries through sports medicine in Denver, CO.

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