• Accredited Radiology Program

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    Porter Radiology Services

    What Sets Porter Hospital Radiology Apart

    • At Porter Hospital, patients and their families are our #1 priority. This means that we sit down and talk with each patient before their exam and we make sure that they are comfortable and cared for.  As a result, our patient satisfaction scores are consistently above 90 percent.
    • All radiology exam readings are done in-house and our expert radiologists are available around-the-clock
    • Our advanced voice recognition dictation system provides fast and accurate results for ordering physicians
    • We offer same-day appointments when available
    • Porter Hospital is a one-stop-shop for multiple diagnostic tests and therapeutic exams including digital mammography,  advanced heart screenings and chemo embolizations.
    • Our radiology and imaging program offers some of the most advanced technologies including a MRI 3T, 64-Slice CT Scanner, PET/CT, SIR Spheres®and TheraSphere®

    To ensure the highest quality patient care and recognize facilities that excel in the safe application of radiology, imaging and diagnostic procedures, the American College of Radiology (ACR) has developed a series of accreditation programs to help consumers recognize health care facilities that meet or exceed industry guidelines.

    At Porter Adventist Hospital, we are proud to say that we are currently accredited in every ACR diagnostic modality available, including:

    • Breast MRI
    • Breast Ultrasound
    • Computed Tomography Accreditation
    • Mammography
    • MRI
    • Nuclear Medicine & PET Accreditation
    • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
    • Ultrasound

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