• For Referring Physicians

  • For more information about radiology services,call 303-778-5626

    Common Physician Questions

    • How does my office schedule imaging at Porter Adventist Hospital?
      Radiology exams can be scheduled by calling 303-765-6500 and following the prompts.

    • What are other options for scheduling imaging?
      • Orders may be faxed to 303-765-6535   
      • Porter Hospital's scheduling office can call your patient directly
      • A patient can call the scheduling office at 303-765-6500

      • Does Porter Hosptial customize scheduling forms for referring physicians?
        Yes. To order scheduling forms customized to your practice please call 303-778-5626.

      • Does Porter Hospital accommodate same-day service?
        Yes. Please note that same-day service may depend on insurance company pre-authorization, required patient preparation and any other special needs.

      • How can I see the images and report(s) for my patient's exams?
        • Porter Hospital offers patient images and reports via online portal. Call Porter Hospital's Physician Services Department at 303-778-6963 for more information.
        • We can also transfer images and reports to a CD.  Please call 303-778-5626.

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