• Robotic Assisted Cardiac Surgery

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    Robotic SurgeryPorter Adventist Hospital is the only Colorado hospital currently offering robotic assisted cardiothoracic surgery.  To have robotic assisted cardiac surgery before now, a Colorado patient formerly had to travel to out of state to a major heart center, and the only in-state option was traditional heart surgery.  Now patients can get the minimally invasive, robotic assisted surgical approach right here in Denver, Colorado.  Surgeries are performed through the right chest through very small incisions between the ribs. Compared with traditional heart surgery, there is less pain, less blood loss, reduced need for blood transfusions, fewer complications, and faster recovery.

    Surgeries Offered Through This Robotic Approach Include:

    • Mitral Valve Repair
    • Tricuspid Valve Repair
    • Intracardiac Tumors
    • Correction of Atrial Fibrillation
    • Coronary Bypass Surgery (for very select cases)
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