• Porter Adventist Hospital and The Breast Care Center at Porter offer a full range of breast screening, risk assessment and diagnostic services for patients throughout Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. Some of our screening and diagnostic services include:

    • Advanced, accredited 3D mammography
    • Breast cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling
    • Clinical breast exams performed by a qualified breast surgeon
    • Professional instruction on how to perform self-breast exams
    • Diagnostic breast ultrasounds
    • Multifaceted breast biopsy procedures
    • Breast MRIs

    Not only do we provide some of the most technically advanced diagnostic services for our patients, but we also strive to create a welcoming environment where patients are at ease, comfortable and confident in the care they receive.

  • There are many reasons why women (and men) choose the Porter Breast Center for breast care services.  Just a few of the reasons include:

    Appointments are quick, easy and convenient

    Our team is fast an efficient helping to get most patients in and out in as little as 30 minutes.  Appointments are also convenient with same-day availability and appointments starting at 7 a.m.

    Walk-ins are welcome

    We welcome walk-in appointments to ensure that everyone who needs a mammogram can get one when they need it.

    Our technology is state-of-the-art and better at detecting potential problems

    With the latest in 3D mammography equipment; we can screen faster, produce three-dimensional images of the breast by using a technology similar to CT scans. 3D mammography also has a 40% increase in breast cancer detection rates and 15% decrease in call back rates for follow up imaging, with no additional radiation exposure then 2D mammograhy.

    We are nationally recognized for high quality breast care

    The Breast Care Center at Porter, is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers as well as the Food and Drug Administration and the American College of Radiology.

    A dedicated team of experts

    Each mammogram done at Porter Adventist Hospital is provided by an American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® board-certified mammogram technician and is read by a dedicated breast radiologist.

    We have full nurse navigation services to assist patients with every step in the process

    Our Breast Cancer Nurse Navigators are often the first point of contact for patients moving from an initial screening, such as a mammogram, to a more detailed diagnostic workup.

    To learn more and to schedule an appointment, call 303-765-6500 

    According to the American Cancer Society, early breast cancer detection saves thousands of lives each year and has the potential to save more.  At Porter Adventist Hospital and the Breast Care Center, we recommend the following evidence-based screening and examination schedules to help catch and treat breast cancer well before symptoms emerge:

    • Yearly mammograms starting at age 40
    • Clinical breast exams for women in their 20s and 30s every three years and every year for women 40 and older
    • Breast self-examinations starting in a woman’s 20s

    Mammograms are not only extremely accurate in detecting breast cancer, but they are also safe. In fact, the radiation needed to produce a high quality mammogram is roughly the same as the amount of background radiation a person is exposed to each year.

    In addition, at The Breast Care Center, we use 3D mammography.  As compared to a traditional mammogram, 3D mammography produces three-dimensional images of the breast that can be easily shared with a patient’s entire treatment team.

    To learn more and to schedule an appointment, call 303-765-6500

    Please complete the form below or call 303-765-6500 to request a screening mammogram or DEXA Bone Scan appointment. A representative from the Breast Care Center, will contact you to schedule an appointment.

    Request a Mammogram

    Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. Walk-in screenings are always welcome during these times.


    Radiology plays a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Currently, imaging with combined PET-CT machines, which show both function and anatomy simultaneously, is the best way to detect and evaluate cancer. Porter Adventist Hospital was the leader in introducing this technology into medical practice in Colorado and our medical cyclotron supplies radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging around the state. Several innovative programs for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer are ongoing in the department of radiology including various techniques to deliver localized therapy to cancer in the liver without affecting the rest of the body.

    Advances in diagnosis and therapy in the Department of Radiology continue at a rapid pace. Improvements in the imaging of anatomy with computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) and the imaging of function with positron emission tomography (PET) are driven by better machines and radiopharmaceuticals. Improvements in therapy using imaging guidance are driven by the introduction of new devices and by new application of old devices. The Department of Radiology at Porter Adventist Hospital prides itself in being on the leading edge of these advances and in participating in the research behind these advances.

    The professional services in the department of radiology are provided by Radiology Imaging Associates (RIA). RIA is a group of approximately 70 physicians, all of who are board certified in radiology and have additional training and certification in one or more of the various subspecialty areas of radiology. RIA radiologists are active in conducting leading edge research and in providing educational courses to other radiologists both locally and nationally. Learn more about our Radiology department .

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