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    Over the years, the program’s unique mission attracted other transplant physicians, surgeons, and expert clinicians from some of the nation’s most prestigious medical schools and facilities. Simply put, these world-class clinicians chose to dedicate their professional lives to caring for their patients in a private hospital setting and are the backbone of our world-class Colorado transplant program.

    Today, the Transplant Center at Porter Adventist Hospital is among the premier kidney and liver transplant centers in the country, with medical outcomes rivaling all others. Patients see only board-certified physicians, and their entire transplant team is dedicated exclusively to helping patients in every aspect of their treatment from medical care to dietary guidance, from social and psychological support to assistance with financial and insurance matters.

    As a whole, the Transplant Center at Porter Adventist Hospital program, is a place where top tier transplant physicians, using state of the art equipment, deliver care wholly focused on the patient in a private hospital environment designed to support both the physical and spiritual health of patients and their families. There is no question, our Colorado transplant program simply makes for one of the best transplant experiences.

    Our commitment to providing compassionate care combined with clinical expertise is unwavering. Each and every team member is passionate about what we do to extend the healing ministry of Christ.

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    Danielle Shaffer is a kidney recipient that had surgery here at Porter. She received her kidney through the National Kidney Registry.

    For more information about the Transplant Center at Porter or to make an appointment, please call 303-778-5797, or toll free 1-855-869-5164.

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