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    Porter's kidney transplant program was started in 1986 by transplant surgeons dedicated to the care of patients in the Denver area. Since then we have grown significantly, caring for patients throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

    Common conditions we treat:

    • Lupus
    • IgA nephropathy
    • Diabetes
    • Congenital urological deficiencies
    • FSGS
    • Hypertension
    • Polycystic Kidney disease

    Combined Kidney/Pancreas Transplants

    Some patients battling type 1 diabetes may discover that their pancreas has stopped functioning properly even with medication, often due to serious complications caused by type 1 diabetes. Our highly trained medical team works with each patient individually to identify what treatment plan is best for them. 

    A pancreas transplant is commonly done in conjunction with a kidney transplant. This is because diabetes is one of the main causes of kidney failure, so often times both organs are functioning improperly.

    For more information about the Transplant Center at Porter, or to make an appointment, please call 303-778-5797, or toll free 1-855-869-5164.

  • Kidney Transplant Procedure

    The process begins when your nephrologist refers you to the Transplant Center at Porter Adventist Hospital. With a simple phone call we are able to begin your journey to transplant. We work to get everything in place for you to have an evaluation for a potential kidney transplant, whether that is here in our office in Denver, in your hometown, or at one of our satellite sites.

    Our kidney transplant process begins with an evaluation for a transplant which involves a day-long visit with the entire transplant team. During this visit you will meet a transplant nephrologist, a transplant surgeon, a social worker, the financial coordinator, a dietitian and your transplant nurse coordinator. Each member of the multi-disciplinary team works to ensure that every aspect of your care is addressed and that your transplanted kidney will last as long as possible.

    There are two options for a kidney transplant procedure; you may be placed on a kidney transplant wait list for a deceased donor kidney to become available, or have a living donor donate one of their kidneys to you. The team will go over these options with you in detail and provide all the information to find the best choice for you.

    The typical kidney transplant surgery lasts 2-4 hours, and the average length of stay in the hospital is 3-5 days. Following your discharge from the hospital, you will be followed closely by the transplant team as an outpatient a few times per week for the first few weeks immediately after your kidney transplant.

    Your transplant experience will continue – we will visit with you every year and celebrate each transplant anniversary with you and your new gift of life.

    For more information about Transplant Center at Porter Adventist Hospital, or to make an appointment, please call 303-778-5797, or toll free 1-855-869-5164.

    Since 1986, the Transplant Center at Porter Adventist Hospital, has worked with living kidney donors to perform transplants. Today more than half of our kidney transplants involve living donors.

    There are several benefits of living kidney donation as compared to receiving a kidney from a deceased donor. In Colorado, the average length of the kidney transplant waiting list is three to five years. Having a living donor can decrease a patient's wait time for a kidney transplant, allowing them to avoid or stop dialysis earlier. Additionally, living donor kidneys are healthier and can last longer than deceased donor kidneys.

    Living donors save the life or improve the quality of life of their recipient and act out of great compassion and generosity. Often, the recipient is a family member or beloved friend. Sometimes, the donor is a Good Samaritan who has learned of a need and steps forward to fill it. Living donors must be 18 years or older.

    All living donors undergo an extensive evaluation to test their kidney function and their overall health. The evaluation takes place in our Denver clinic, where potential donors meet with a nephrologist, surgeon, dietitian, living donor advocate, social worker and nurse coordinator.

    Living donors should want to donate of their free will and not be pressured by family members or friends to donate. The decision to donate an organ is a personal matter – it should be motivated by altruistic reasons only, without influence from others. Donors can change their minds at any time during the process.

    For more information about Transplant Center at Porter Adventist Hospital, or to make an appointment, please call 303-778-5797, or toll free 1-855-869-5164.

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