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For more information about Porter Transplant Center or to make an appointment, please call 303-715-7008, or toll free 1-855-869-5164.
Liver transplant recipient at Porter Hospital
Porter Liver Transplant Program in Denver

The liver transplant program at Porter Adventist Hospital gives patients a second chance at a healthy life through expertise and innovation. Our entire liver transplant team works together for their patients and has the experience and knowledge that will give you the most options and highest level of experience.

For instance, our primary liver transplant surgeon, Dr. Thomas Heffron, has performed more than 1,000 liver transplants to date, and is one of just a few active liver transplant surgeons in the United States with this level of experience. Dr. Heffron has spoken at scientific meetings nationally and internationally and has published numerous scientific papers demonstrating superior surgical outcomes.

Patients and families typically have choices of where to receive their liver transplant and there are differences. The most recent public profile data on Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients shows that our center has a 100% patient survival on transplants since Dr. Heffron joined the team. What is even more remarkable is that these results are with 40% of our patients having a MELD score of 31 or greater at transplant. Our patient survival for patients in acute liver failure is also 100%. No other center in the western U.S. has patient survival rates that high. 

Part of this is due to the options and techniques Dr. Heffron offers patients. Dr. Heffron is a leaders in performing blood type incompatible transplants to help get the sickest patients livers faster by not limiting the donors to just their blood group. Five patients have benefitted from this type of transplant recently at Porter Adventist Hospital.    

In 1989, at the University of Chicago, Dr. Heffron was on the first team in the U.S. to perform a living donor liver transplant. Under Dr. Heffron, The liver transplant team also performs multi-organ transplants such as liver and kidney combinations, as well as blood type-incompatible transplants for patients with acute liver failure. Dr. Heffron has published an article documenting the largest series of successful blood type (ABO) incompatible transplants in the U.S., and continues to offer hope to the sickest patients by performing blood type-incompatible liver transplants at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver.

Our two board-certified hepatologists, Dr. Bahri Bilir and Dr. Clark Kulig, play a key role in evaluation and medical management for outpatient and inpatient liver patients and transplant recipients.

Learn more about our multidisciplinary team, our physicians and surgeons.

Most Common Liver Diseases Leading to Liver Transplant

For more information about Porter Transplant Center or to make an appointment, please call 303-715-7008, or toll free 1-855-869-5164.

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