• Mammograms, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

    We don't believe you should ever settle for second best in life. Especially not when it comes to your health and wellness. So at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, we're pleased to offer the superior technology of digital mammograms. This state-of-the-art equipment produces a clearer, better image. Plus, it's quicker and more comfortable than a traditional mammogram, so you're in and out almost before you can appreciate our beautiful surroundings.

    What's the difference between standard and digital mammography?

    Mammograms, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

    Standard mammography images are recorded on x-ray films. Digital mammography images are captured electronically and viewed on a computer screen within 8 to 10 seconds. Their magnification, brightness, darkness or contrast can be "enhanced" to help the doctor more clearly see certain areas and subtle differences between tissues. Plus, the digital images can be viewed by another health care provider within the Centura system for consultation, if needed.  

    Some additional advantages of digital mammography include:

    • Improved contrast for people who have breast implants
    • Faster image time
    • Fewer call backs for additional views

    We know your life is busy and it seems hard to carve out a niche for preventative care. But having a digital mammogram at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is quick and simple, and it could be the few minutes that save your life.

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