• Healing Arts

  • Creating a healing journey through art.

    A Journey For The Spirit

    The Healing Arts program at Porter Adventist Hospital is providing patients, family members, staff members and the community with an environment that calms and revives the senses during times of stress and anxiety.

    The Healing Arts program includes visual arts, music, nature and community outreach. All components feature local artists. This program is fully supported by community donations.


    Music therapy has been shown to reduce stress and even aid in the healing process. At Porter Adventist Hospital, certified music therapists come right to the bedside to play soothing therapeutic music. Regional musicians perform free concerts in public areas of the hospital, bringing benefits to everyone.

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    Barbara Lepke has been a certified music practitioner, CMP, playing in hospitals and healthcare settings in Denver since 2009. Her music is designed to be clinically beneficial and therapeutic for patients preparing for surgery. It creates a more peaceful and calm atmosphere. Elegy was written by K.B. Moore to honor her late mother. It is a favorite of patients.


    The healing power of touch has proven health benefits including lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system, and improving sleep. To help take a patient's mind off of pain, certified massage therapists provide gentle, soothing hand and foot massages.

    Visual Arts

    The hallways and patient rooms throughout the hospital are enriched by stunning artwork that reflects the beauty of Colorado. Created by regional artists and local students, the nature-based art was chosen for its powers to reduce stress and provide positive distraction, which can be helpful in the healing process.


    Steeped in natural light and built from environmentally sound materials, Porter Adventist Hospital upholds the Adventist belief that health care is rooted in the power of God as reflected in nature. A peaceful Healing Garden right off of the main lobby provides a calming waterfall and quiet spots for patients, visitors, and staff to sit and reflect.

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